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Water-from-air for a better world

Fresh drinking water continues to be humanity’s biggest challenge.  Our atmosphere is the world’s primary source of fresh water. The air around us is the solution, and Watergen’s innovative technology taps into that unlimited resource.

As the global leader in the development and implementation of water-from-air solutions our cutting-edge and patented technology provides a low-cost, abundant, and renewable source of fresh and clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the atmosphere. Watergen’s solution is a game changer that will improve quality of life and health as well as save lives. Watergen’s water generators produce the safest, cleanest, and fresh-tasting drinking water and can potentially service billions around the world. Watergen’s products are suitable for every community size from cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, and hospitals to offices, residential buildings, and private homes.


Our vision and mission

Our vision

Watergen’s humanitarian vision is to ensure the right of every man, woman, and child to have access to fresh, clean, and safe drinking water.

Our mission

To use state of the art technology to provide humanity with a new and renewable source of high-quality drinking water, made out of air, that can be available anywhere, immediately and at a reasonable cost.