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Fresh drinking water has always been humanity's biggest challenge.

Water-Gen USA was formed to work directly within the United States. Three key factors have contributed to this timely decision on the part of Israel-based Water-Gen:

  1. In 2016 and the beginning of 2017, contaminated drinking water problems have steadily been reported across the United States;
  2. There are numerous applications and possibilities for Water-Gen technology to improve the quality of life for Americans; and
  3. The anticipated rollout of Water-Gen products to consumers is the fourth quarter of 2017.

Israel-based Water-Gen has developed a cutting-edge Atmospheric Water Generating technology and line of products for household use and large scale AWG modular units for generating clean drinking water from the air, with a vision to improve the quality and quantity of clean and accessible water in the world.


Water-Gen taps this unlimited resource to provide an abundant, renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the air. With the patented GENius, the world’s most energy-efficient AWG module of its kind, Water-Gen’s various water generator models can serve the water needs from a small house to whole villages to an entire country. By generating the water directly from the air, Water-Gen has developed an independent, innovative and autonomous solution. It is a plug and drink solution, requiring only electricity and no infrastructure. A healthy, quick and easy solution that aims to benefit every community and all humanity.

In addition to its AWG line of products, which may also be powered by solar energy, Water-Gen has developed portable water filtration

solutions, designed to handle emergencies and benefit victims in relief efforts, including a lightweight, battery energy operated filtration system for contaminated water resources, called the “Spring.” Senior governmental officials and international military bodies are keen on utilizing Water-Gen’s expertise with emergency and rescue devices to handle emergencies and with save and rescue missions.

In the United States, Water-Gen USA is speaking with officials on the U.S. federal and state levels to set up preventative measures against contaminated water resources.

To date, Water-Gen has had tremendous success in demonstrating its products in the United States.

For every community size, Water-Gen has the ability to help. The Large Scale Water Generators can potentially service billions around the world, including whole cities, villages, schools, and hospitals. The GEN-350G Medium Scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) was awarded the “Atmospheric Water Generation for Forward Operating Base” CCD Contract with the UK Ministry of Defense. The Genny, the Water from Air Home Appliance, is a plug and drink solution which makes it ideal for homes and offices with a quick and easy installation

Water-Gen USA is planning to manufacture our units for use in the United States at various manufacturing locations across the country. The locations are currently bring scouted in four areas which will service the areas in their periphery. We expect countless jobs to be created for Americans because of our new initiatives and as plans move forward.

Water-Gen USA is committed to work across the United States to ensure that every American has access to clean drinking water.

MARCH 2017

Water-Gen opened AIPAC’s Policy Conference and Israel Innovation Showcase in Washington, DC. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz introduced Water-Gen as one of Israel’s most innovative and cutting-edge technologies and demonstrated to the overflow crowd of over 18,000 participants Water-Gen’s humanitarian and environmental solution to provide clean drinking water across the globe.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7-RSzKkT1s

MAY 2017

Water-Gen received a special invitation from the U.S. Marine Corps and National Guard units to participate in a three-state emergency responder drill alongside ZAKA, Israel’s voluntary emergency response teams. The purpose was to illustrate the preparedness of Water-Gen to dispense clean, drinking water in response to emergency disaster situations. http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Tech/US-Army-drill-uses-Israeli-tech-to-extract-water-from-air-at-disaster-sites-490801

JUNE 2017

Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert III spearheaded an historic pilot with Water-Gen USA as a life-saving, clean and safe drinking water solution to Florida. In March 2017, over 170,000 South Floridians were affected by a precautionary boil water advisory due to a power outage at a water plant. This month, with the beginning of Florida’s hurricane season, authorities have begun to re-educate its residents on the contaminant effects of hurricane damage to drinking water. Therefore, it was very timely that the City of Miami Gardens hosted a pilot program featuring Water-Gen’s mid-size unit that extracts water from the air and dispenses clean drinking water. “We are excited to demonstrate to the citizens across Florida Water-Gen’s forward-thinking and innovative solution that will benefit each and every household and family,” noted Mayor of Miami Gardens, Oliver G. Gilbert III. “As representatives responsible for the quality of life and safety of our communities, preparedness and readiness to counter crises is mandatory. Water-Gen’s pilot will enable us to measure its use for clean drinking water if needed for hurricane relief and any other emergency water situation that may arise.”

Left to right on the picture: Miami Gardens Councilwoman Felicia Robinson, Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert III, Yehuda Kaploun – President-Water-Gen Inc., Consul General of Israel in Miami Lior Haiat

Photo credit: Mendy Studio

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