Executive team

Maxim Pasik

Executive Chairman

As the results-driven leader of Watergen’s business development strategy, Mr. Pasik is focused on establishing a highly-efficient and productive international operation and supply chain. He has successfully introduced Watergen’s innovative air-to-water technology solutions to foreign government officials and business leaders, securing joint ventures to provide clean drinking water across the globe.

Mr. Pasik also serves as Executive Chairman of Beer Itzhak Energy Ltd. which invests in technology, infrastructure and oil and gas projects; and Vertical Field, an innovative technology company that cleans the pollution in the air by creating and designing lush, green vertical walls. In addition, he is Vice President of the Euro Asian Jewish Congress.

Recognized as an influential contributor to the international media, Mr. Pasik has championed the environmental and quality of life attributes of Watergen and Vertical Field. Whether alongside Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Australia, at the UN with African Leaders, and with UN Secretary General Guterres in Israel or at the World Economic Forum in Jordan and GES in Hyderabad, Mr. Pasik has affirmed Watergen as the game changer to improve and save human lives.

Mr. Pasik earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the College of Management in Rishon LeTzion and an MBA from Manchester University. He served as a lecturer in capital markets, accounting, and finance at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A certified public accountant, he held the position of senior manager in the tax department at Ernst and Young Israel.