Executive team

Maxim Pasik

Executive Chairman

Maxim Pasik is an internationally experienced, results-driven leader whose primary focus is spearheading Water-Gen’s business development strategy. His strategic contribution is dedicated to two parallel activities:

1. the continuous design of innovative solutions which meet the diverse needs of the world’s growing demand for clean drinking water, and

2. the successful establishment of a highly efficient global operation and supply chain that will distribute (and support) Water-Gen’s solutions worldwide.

Maxim also serves as Executive Chairman of other global companies, including BIEBeer Itzhak Energy Ltd. which invests in technology, infrastructure and energy projects; and Vertical Field, a worldwide pioneer in the design and construction of modular and lush, green vertical gardens and fields using a unique, state-of the art technology system.

With a self-styled and successful approach encouraging a flexible, team-oriented work culture, Maxim has time and again demonstrated continuous growth for the companies where he holds these executive positions.

An influential businessman, Maxim is well-versed in the developing water crisis across the globe. He has educated and been educated about the deterioration of the quality of life for people in distressed areas where water is scarce and/or accessibility to clean drinking water is virtually non-existent.

Maxim has introduced Water-Gen’s innovative technology solutions to provide clean drinking water to foreign government officials and the most prominent international business leaders. He has secured joint ventures to provide clean drinking water across the globe. He has sought collaborations to maximize Water-Gen usage in areas with little or no electricity by seeking solutions. As one example, in India, Water-Gen is partnering with Vikram Solar, the globally leading Tier 1 solar module manufacturer, to boost the efficiency of Water-Gen units by powering them with a solar energy solution, enabling its use in the remotest parts of India where electricity is not available.

Maxim is a regular contributor to TV news programs and international media focused on emerging Israeli technology as well as the humanitarian and environmental solutions Water-Gen is providing to alleviate the global water crisis. He recently traveled as a distinguished member of the official State of Israel delegation to Australia with Prime Minister Netanyahu and introduced Water-Gen at the UN Technology and Innovations forum for African Leaders (also with PM Netanyahu). At the prestigious World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea in Jordan which is widely attended by prominent global leaders, Maxim was a panelist in the closing day water panel entitled, “Racing Against the Clock: The Water Crisis” alongside other international and regionally acclaimed water experts. The panel discussed the water crisis in the world and how new technologies can improve the governance and management of water in the region.

In the United States, Maxim has engaged with senior officials at U.S. federal agencies and introduced Water-Gen solutions as preventative measures against contaminated water resources. His insistence that Water-Gen be available to provide clean, drinking water wherever it is needed is not being overlooked. Most recently, U.S. Marine Corps and National Guard units invited Water-Gen to participate in a three-state emergency responder drill to illustrate the preparedness of Water-Gen to dispense clean, drinking water in response to emergency disaster situations.

A certified CPA, Maxim began his career in 2000 as a tax advisor at Ernst and Young Israel and also served as a lecturer in capital markets, accounting and finance at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Kiryat Ono College. He earned a Bachelor of Business Management degree and a Master of Business Administration degree from Manchester University.