Executive team

Michael Mirilashvili


It is the birth right of every person in this world to enjoy the most basic human necessity of clean and pure drinking water, regardless of geographical location, skin color, or religious belief

Mr. Mirilashvili, who serves as the president of Watergen and a philanthropist who has been supporting and donating to many worthy causes, improving and saving the lives of many around the world, is the visionary man behind Watergen mission to enable each and every human around the world to have fast and easy access to clean drinking water anytime everywhere.

For more than 30 years, Michael Mirilashvili has been leading and directing numerous business ventures all over the world in various fields ranging from real estate, healthcare, information technology, management, entrepreneurship, to media, agro-tech, innovation social entrepreneurship, sports, hi-tech, infrastructure and green technologies.

Michael Mirilashvili devotes his time and resources to a broad spectrum of philanthropic activities, and has been chairing several renowned organizations around the world, including chairing the position of the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.

Michael Mirilashvili is actively involved in the development of Watergen strategy towards spreading its revolutionary technology all over the world, with the aim to improve the lives of billions around the world and provide those in need with clean, safe drinking water, thereby making his own contribution to to bring clean water to the world.