Defense Applications

Water supply solution for forward operating bases, vehicles, and troops

Water-Gen provides water supply solution for forward operating bases, vehicles, and troops. Water-Gen works together with the defense community to significantly increase the troops’ independence and to reduce their logistic footprint to meet stringent requirements. Among the advantages of this technology are:

  • High energy efficiency that allows production of large amounts of water per kW
  • High reliability and low maintenance requirements
  • All systems built to comply with defense standards in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and water quality

Watergen Has been selected as One of the Six Finalists of the "Innovation Technology Awards" DSEi Exhibition (London, September 2011)


GEN–350G Medium Scale Generator

The GEN-350G is a medium scale, and highly mobile water generator aimed for fast and easy deployment at all weather conditions



Battery operated mobile water purification unit. Produces fresh, pure water from non-saline water sources


Vehicle Atmospheric Water Generation Unit

Designed to extract water from air and provide cold, fresh, pure drinking water for the vehicle crew


Water Treatment Units

Harvesting the water produced by A/C systems and purifying it to achieve high-quality drinking water.

See it in action (2 min video)