GENius Technology

Energy efficient heat transfer and dehumidifying technologies

Water-gen invested many years of R&D to develop the Genius model.

The Genius is designed from thin plastic leaves (a thermally low-conductive material and an integral evaporator), stacked together to form a dual alternating air-streams that counter-flow to generate a gradient heat exchanger. The use of plastic is unique, allowing gradient cooling and heating of the air streams, while water condensation is limited to a small, predestined area.

This revolutionary design makes the Genius the world’s most energy-efficient dehumidification device and AWG module of its kind, in terms of efficiency-cost-size-ratio, enabling to generate water at 300Wh/Liter, EF=3.35.

The usage of plastic leafs, a low-cost structural material, enabled the Genius module to be highly scalable to any size / specifications required. Each 1⁄2 a meter can produces about 2 Liters/Hour (at 26.7°C and 60% RH)

  • The GENiusTM technology produces 4-5 times more water per kW
  • Small and compact size.
  • Can replace other heat exchangers currently installed
  • Low-cost structural materials

The unique structure of the GENiusTM device allows the incoming air streams to be cooled prior to reaching the evaporator. This results in extremely high efficiency (water per electricity)