Water economics

Providing a genuine alternative to drinking water to millions around the world

A study by NASA shows that a third of big groundwater basins are in distress*, and with global warming, rapid urbanization, industrialization, agriculture growth and demographic changes, research indicates that this crisis is likely to worsen. This rapidly evolving process is dramatically changing global water availability and accessibility to hundreds of millions around the globe, turning water into a valuable commodity.

Understanding the enormity of the problem, Watergen solutions are designed to bridge this gap, by tapping into a new, unexploited and abundant water source – our atmosphere. To make this resource truly available, it has to be economically smart and energy efficient.

Many of the major global cities that struggle with drinking water availability and quality, and are located in areas which have optimal climate conditions to sustain water availability via the air, using Watergen’s technology.

Optimal solution to mitigate cities drinking water problems

In many cities, the water system is often polluted and undrinkable. This requires residents be on a constant water hunt to bring home ~20 liters of packaged drinking water per family every day. In many developing countries, this often mandatory outlay is averaged at $1 (USD) per 20 liters (or ~5₵ per liter) for local purified packaged well water, which can amount to $200 per person per year.

Watergen’s ability to deliver cost effective and commercially available solutions that generate fresh pure water directly from the atmosphere, at prices that are up to 10 times cheaper than local filtered well water (at developing world prices), is a true game changer for tens of millions of people.